Black wheeled bin (refuse) for non-recyclable waste

Your black bin is collected fortnightly and should be used for items which we are unable to recycle such as nappies, plastic wrapping, cling film, pet bedding and poo-bags. The waste from the black bin is taken to Kent Enviropower 'energy-from-waste' plant at Allington near Maidstone where it is burnt to create electricity All bins should be out by 7am on collection day


The black refuse bin for items we are unable to recycle.

Black bin - yes please

  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic bags
  • Cling film / plastic wrapping
  • Crisp packets / sweet wrappers
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Plastic pouches (from pet and baby food)
  • Black plastic trays
  • Light bulbs (low energy bulbs can be recycled at KCC Recycling Centres)
  • Nappies
  • Sanitary and hygiene items
  • Bagged pet waste (dog poo/ cat poo)
  • Pet bedding / material from animal litter trays
  • Broken crockery / ornaments
  • Broken toys (small)
  • Cold ash (from fires)
  • Juice and food cartons (soup/milk)

Please ensure all the waste is securely contained in your black bin with the lid closed. Thank you

Black bin - no thank you

  • Garden waste (see Garden Waste - Brown Bin)
  • Recycling
  • Electrical items (WEEE) (small electrical items are collected in a separate small bag placed next to your black bin on collection day)
  • Batteries (small household batteries can be collected in a small bag placed on top of your green-lidded bin)
  • Bricks, soil, rubble
  • Soil / stones
  • Hot ash (please allow to cool fully and place in the black bin)
  • Large items e.g. furniture
  • Paint and liquids
  • Engine oil

Please note: If there are items that are not listed and you are unsure of how to dispose of them, please contact us for advice.

Black rubbish bin - frequently asked questions

Can I put cut flowers from the home in my black bin? Yes cut flowers are acceptable, but not garden waste, you will need to subscribe to the garden waste service for this.

Can I put paint tins in my black bin? Not if they contain liquid paint, however if they are empty/dried out then it is acceptable. Try leaving the lid off and/or adding cat litter to dry it out.