Textiles, WEEE & household battery recycling service

We offer an additional collection from your home for old textiles, small electrical items (WEEE), and household batteries.


You can now recycle small electric items (WEEE), old textiles and household batteries in a small bag alongside your bin collections.

Textiles (with black bin collection - in a separate carrier bag, alongside the bin) Please do not use a printed charity bag or black sack

We will collect small amounts of unwanted 'textiles' clothing, pillowcases, towels and shoes (tied in pairs). It doesn't matter if the textiles are worn or stained as these items will be taken and used to make industrial rags or upholstery stuffing.

All good quality clothing, shoes and bed linen can be taken to a local charity shop.

Please present a small carrier bag-sized amount next to (not inside) your black bin on collection day. Please do not place your textiles in black sacks or charity bags. These will not be taken.

We are not able to take larger items of textiles such as duvets, pillows, cushions or similar. These larger items will need to be taken to your local KCC Recycling Centre.

Household Batteries (with green-lidded bin collection)

You can place small household batteries in a small bag on top of your green-lidded bin for collection.

We accept 6 volt batteries, 9 volt batteries (transistor batteries) D, C, AA, AAA and button batteries (watch batteries) and batteries from mobile phones and laptops.

We can't accept industrial batteries or car batteries. They will need to be disposed of safely at your local KCC Recycling Centre.

Small electrical items (WEEE) (with black bin collection)

We can collect small broken / old household electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers, electrical leads and chargers. Please place out with your black bin collection in a small carrier bag next to (not inside) your black bin.

We can't accept items such as microwaves or larger as they will not fit on the tray fitted to the collection vehicle. Please do not present your waste electrical items in a black sack or charity bags as they will not be collected.

These larger items will need to be taken to your local KCC Recycling Centre use the Saturday Bulky Freighter Service or arrange a bulky waste collection.

Please do not mix textiles, electricals and batteries in the same bag on green-lidded bin collection day. They will not be collected.