Recycling for all - houses that have no space for bins and have a sack collection for rubbish

We want to make the new recycling service as accessible to as many people as possible and reduce your trips to the recycling banks and sites.


If you live in house without any bins

From 30 September, if you live in a property that does not have space for bins and you are currently on a black sack collection, you will have full access to the new recycling service from your home.

You will have your food bin collected every week and your green box for paper, card and cardboard will be collected every two weeks. You will be issued with a small reusable bag (similar to blue bag pictured below) for your mixed 'dry recycling' such as plastic bottles, plastic tubs, juice cartons, glass, plastic trays and tubs, tins, cans and empty aerosols, this will be collected fortnightly.See the source image

You will also be able to present small amounts of textiles in small separate carrier bag, as well as household batteries and WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) small electrical items such as old, broken kettles, toasters and charging cables.

You will continue to present a black sack for the general waste outside of your property, however as you can now recycle much more including food waste, your black sacks will be collected every fortnight in line with other properties in the borough.

If you have a garden, you are welcome to opt-in to the garden waste collection service. You will receive three reusable brown waste sacks when you subscribe, instead of a brown bin wheeled-bin. The fortnightly collection service will remain the same.