New garden waste service

From 30 September this year we are introducing a new opt-in chargeable garden waste collection service. Charging for garden waste will help us to improve our recycling collections from your home to include glass and plastics. For more information please see our frequently asked questions. If you wish to receive this service you will need to subscribe, please see details below


How do I sign up?

Please click here to sign up online from 7 May - 2 August 2019 to order and pay for your bin/s using a debit or credit card. If you wish, you can also register for direct debit for future payments.

The price for your 12 month subscription is £40, however if you sign up between 7 May and 2 August, you will receive a discounted, "Early Bird" price of only £35 for the year!

The standard size brown wheeled-bin has 240 litre capacity. If you currently have the smaller 140 litre bins for your refuse and have a small garden, you can order a smaller bin (140 litre) however the cost is the same as the standard size bin. Please contact us if you would like to order a 140 litre garden bin.

Additional bins are charged at £25 per subscription. You can order up to 3 bins in total per property.

Signing up for the Early Bird offer also guarantees that you will receive the same price on your second year renewal and ensures that you will receive your new brown wheeled-bin in time for when the new collections start.

If you have any issues with the sign-up form please email or call Waste Services on 01732 876147. Please note lines may be busy during the Early Bird period

See here for terms and conditions

What can I put in my new brown garden waste bin?

Yes please:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Flowers and plant clippings
  • Hedge clippings, prunings and branches up to 3cm in diameter
  • Small amount of windfall fruit e.g. apples and plums
  • Weeds (please note that controlled plants and invasive species such as Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, ragwort and Himalayan balsam will have to be disposed of by a specialist contractor)

No thank you:

  • Food waste
  • Cardboard
  • Pet Bedding / pet poo
  • Stone, soil, rubble (builders waste)
  • Plastic bags, flower pots, trays or other plastic items

The garden waste we collect in the brown wheeled-bin is composted and used on farmers' fields as a soil improver.