Garden waste Renewal

Once you have received a reminder email or letter, please use the form below to renew your subscription.


Garden Waste Service - renew my subscription

We have extended all renewal dates for residents who had the service prior to the Covid-19 suspension, by two months.

We will advise you of your renewal via email or letter. Please do not contact us regarding your renewal until you receive your email or letter. We are issuing these in phases throughout November. All households from the "Early Bird" period will receive this by late November.

  • Emails will be sent from
  • The email will contain a link. Please click on the link and it will complete the details for you. The form below is only for those who receive a letter.
  • The letter will contain an access code that you can enter in the form below.
  • If you need to call you will need your invoice number and garden waste account number to complete the payment. Please note phones may be busy during the renewal period.

Garden waste renewal form for those who have received a letter

We have new Terms and Conditions that you will need to agree to as part of the renewal process.


How can I pay my subscription renewal?

The quickest way to pay is by using the link on your email or if you received a letter using the above form. you can also make your payment via our automated payment service on 01732 876147. In both these cases you will need your invoice number and garden waste account number to complete the payment

I haven’t received any notification to tell me when I can renew my subscription and I ordered my bin before the start of the service last year, when will I receive it?

We are sending out the subscription renewals in November. If you have not received it by the end of November please let us know by emailing Remember to include your full address and Garden Waste account number if you have it.

I don’t have an email address and I called in to order and pay for my bin when I took out the subscription, how will I be notified?

If you don’t have an email address registered with us you will be notified by letter.

I did receive my email/letter but I have deleted/lost it and don’t have my invoice number or account number, how can I pay my subscription?

Please contact us by email or telephone 01732 876147

My account would have been due for renewal on 1/10/2020, with the two month extension this means it will be due on 1/12/2020, why are you asking for payment now?

Once you receive your renewal invoice, you can pay any time up to that date. Paying now will not affect your renewal for the following year which will be 1/12/2021. As December is an expensive month for many, some people would prefer to pay earlier.

I paid cash last year, can I do the same this year?

We will not be taking cash payments but if you are unable to pay by card please call us to discuss on 01732 876147